The purpose of the Greater San Jose Chapter is to promote the advancement of the safety profession and safety professionals and the development of its members.

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Joint Dinner Meeting with the ASSE San Francisco Chapter!

When: November 11, 2014
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Where: Crowne Plaza Union City
32083 Alvarado Niles Road
Union City, Ca 94587

We are very excited to be co-hosting a dinner meeting for the month of November with the San Francisco ASSE Chapter.  This dinner meeting will be held in lieu of our standing lunch meeting.

This presentation is intended to briefly cover some of the fundamental causes of common risk management and safety mistakes through an examination of foundational errors in assumptions, reasoning and knowledge. The presentation utilizes a number of methodologies to illustrate why safety professionals so often fail when it comes to legal, technical, and social decision making. With some 200 photographs, illustrations and quotations, the presentation's objective is to point out foundational errors in risk management and safety decisions that should be avoided. The presentation will also introduce a segment of a procedure on how a safety professional (generalist) can do a self-assessment of their own abilities to determine their level of qualifications and competency based on real world situations.

Jon Moldestad brings a whole new meaning to the term “root cause”.  Jon has long been internationally recognized as the “go to guy” for thoughts and processes that break incidents, accidents and safety down into the very basic elements. Just as importantly he understands the foundational elements – the essential parts and pieces upon which the elements and processes of safety are rooted. With more certifications than there are letters in the alphabet, and holding several patents on safety processes and products, Jon Moldestad’s talks are not to be missed.

Jon has said to me so many times “This stuff is hard because it’s so simple. So elementary. People think it has to be harder than it is. Not so!” ~ Bart Gragg, OHST

Registration:  To register on-line go to http://sanfrancisco.asse.org/events/?ee=20

Meeting Costs: 
Student - $35
Member - $45
Non-Member - $55

See our Meetings & Events page for more information on future Chapter Meetings.


2 Scholarships Being Awarded Now!

The American Society of Safety Engineers Greater San Jose Chapter (ASSE-SJ), and the Bay Area Environmental Safety Group (BAESG) will again each be offering $1500 Scholarships this Fall.  We seek qualified and dedicated students in the environmental, health and safety (EHS) related fields.  The deadline for submitting applications is November 17, 2014.  You may submit one application to be considered for both!

Criteria – Who can Qualify?

  1. Preference will be given to San Jose area applicants that are full-time students attending an accredited degree-granting institution and enrolled in a safety, occupational health, or environmental related program.
  2. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 24 undergraduate or 12 graduate credit hours and be seeking a career related to safety, occupational health, or environmental management.
  3. Applicants must possess a cumulative, overall minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  4. Last-term seniors are not eligible.

How to Apply?

Scholarship applicants are required to submit the following original material by Nov 17 for an award for the following term:

  1. Cover letter requesting consideration for scholarship.  Letter should include career objectives, activities and related interests in safety, occupational health and/or environmental management and explanation of how the receipt of the scholarship will aid in achieving those goals (maximum 300 words).
  2. Copy of original, official transcript. 
  3. Resume, if available.
  4. Two faculty recommendations, preferably from the EHS or related engineering, math, science or technical departments.
  5. Verification from the department chair or academic advisor that the student is officially admitted to an EHS related program and enrolled in the upcoming term.

Applicants may also include the following in their application:

  1. ASSE Student Section and/or Chapter or other Student Organization leadership and activities.
  2. Campus extra-curricular activities (especially those EHS related).
  3. Community or personal activities and accomplishments related to safety, health or the environment.

Submit your application electronically to by Nov 17:
ASSE – SJ and BAESG Scholarship Committees Chair: stevenhochstadt@yahoo.com

Questions may be directed to the Scholarship Committee Chair Steven Hochstadt P.E. at the above e-mail.